tub shroom review

Tub Shroom Review

In this Tub Shroom review I will delve deeper in the ‘revolutionary’ Tub Shroom and discuss its uses, price & it’s main competitors. Hopefully by the end of this article you will have better insight into the Tub Shroom and figure out if the Tub Shroom is the right fit for your home, sink and tub.

Tub Shroom Review: History

Tub Shroom was invented locally in New York by a couple of friends. Their idea was to create a device that would prevent clogs in their tubs and make cleaning up debris, hair and residue much easier. The idea was to accommodate people with all types of hair including long, frizzy, short and even pet hair!

To get the initial funding to start their invention they used popular crowdfunding platforms. The response from people facing similar problems were simply overwhelming and many pledged their support of the product. With over $200K in pledges raised, Tub Shroom became an instant success. Tub Shroom was born and now is trusted in 1000’s of drains and sinks around the world.

The Tub Shroom Is Super Easy To Use, Only Requiring 2 Simple Steps.

1. Put the Tub Shroom in the drain. Its universal design means that it can fit in most sinks, drains & tubs.
2. Remove the Tub Shroom to begin cleaning. All the hair and residue from your tub, sink and drains will neatly collect within the base of the Tub Shroom.
tub shroom review steps

Use Case For The Tub Shroom

Tub Shrooms has quickly become one of the leaders in drain protection in the recent years thanks to it innovative, effective and ecological design. Thanks to the Tub Shrooms many around the world can avoid the hassles of expensive plumbing bills associated with clogged drain.

Tub Shroom Will Catch Any Type Of Hair, Every Time

The Tub Shroom works on any type of hair that you can think of. Whether your hair is long, short, thin, thick, curly or straight, the Tub Shroom promises to catch all types of hair, every time. The Tub Shroom can also catch pet hairs such as ones from cats and dogs. Simply put, anything that you throw down the drain, the Tub Shroom will catch.

Tub Shroom Review: Designed To Work

There are many benefits of using the Tub Shroom:
1. Never deal with a clogged drain again!
2. No need to use expensive one-time hazardous & poisonous liquid-based cleaning chemicals again. Save the environment and your septic system using the ‘revolutionary’ Tub Shroom.
3. Made with high-grade silicon that is BPA-free.
4. The Tub Shroom is built to last, using only premium building materials.
5. No more unsightly, exposed hairs that will stick out of your sink drains.
6. Designed to fit universally in most tubs.
7. Its simple design means that it is easy and quick to clean and maintain.
8. Works on all hair types (long, short, thin, thick, curly – and even animal hair).
9. Comes in a variety of colors. Pick one that best suits your bathroom!
10. Made with love from local entrepreneurs.

Tub Shroom Review: Price

The price of the Tub Shroom is quite low considering the value that you get by buying this product. According to Home Advisor the typical cost of snaking your drain pipe costs between $135-$400. Snaking your drainpipe is typically a low labor job and cost you upwards of $900 for more serious blockages.

It seems evident to me that EVERYONE should have a Tub Shroom for the insurance that your drains won’t be clogged easily. The lifespan of Tub Shrooms are indefinite and will pay for itself in the long run.

The cost a Tub Shroom is under $15. Save time, money and the grossness that comes with clogged drains for good.

Comparison To Other Drain Protectors On The Market

To set things straight the Tub Shroom is and will always be the original ‘Revolutionary Drain Protector’. There are some competitors on the market offering similar design & features, but these are usually made in a slapstick manner to compete with the Tub Shroom. There are a ton of counterfeits found on marketplaces like amazon and wish, but to get the best quality ensure that it is a Tub Shroom. Below are some competitors that are innovating the game by bringing something unique to the table.

Top Selling Competitor for Tub Shroom

lekeye drain protector tub shroom review


Cost: $14.99

– Rust-proof stainless-steel design
– Elliptical holes for catching hair more effectively
– Free returns if it rusts
– Fits 4.75 4.75-inch drains

The Verdict:
While Lekeye has a sleek design that integrates it nicely with most modern washrooms, it is missing some of the core features that are found in the Tub Shroom. The elliptical holes, while effective to a certain degree at catching hair, does not capture the hair fully as expected. A good percentage of the hair will escape and end up in your drains. The Tub Shroom features a design meant to completely and efficiently capture hair every time.

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oxo drain protector tub shroom review


Cost: $9.99

– Catches hair without blocking the flow of water
– Tall design to fit flat and pop-up drains
– Weighted to keep it place
– Features a stainless-steel and silicone design

The Verdict:
The OXO is made to be used on pop-up drains thanks to its tall design. However, when discussing generic flat drains, the Tub Shroom beats it in functionality in almost every way. Firstly, the Tub Shroom is more low profile and does not stick out like a sore thumb. Secondly, when using the OXO you will quickly notice that hair and other debris will start collecting on the outside rim of the OXO. With the Tub Shroom, hair and debris will get trapped within the shroom itself.

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tub shroom review catch hair every time

Hair Is Caught In Tub Shroom Base

bealife drain protector tub shroom review


Cost: $5.54

– Minimalistic design to trap hair
– Made with flexible, high-quality plastic
– Features 4 suction cups at the back

The Verdict:
The cost of the Bealife is exceptionally better than the rest of the products listed. It does have some serious shortfalls that need to need to be addressed. First and foremost, like most of the drain protectors listed, the Bealife fails to capture the hair once it falls through its porous outer structure. The most damning of its design is that its out edge sits a bit too high to completely drain out all the water from the tub or shower. What this means is that debris and hair will also get stuck on the outer rim of the Bealife, making it both unsightly (because of the exposed hair) and ineffective compared to the Tub Shroom.

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evriholder drain protector tub shroom review


Cost: $14.99

– Fits most shower drains without obstructing water flow
– Allows you to remove hair without ever touching it
– Replace every 2-4 months

Evriholder is a very cool product and is one of the more original designed drain protection products on the market. It does have some downside that you should be aware of. This product will passively let hair and other particulates go into your drains, all the while playing catch up on the other end, nabbing as much hair as it can within the pipe. It is best to catch the hair before it enters the pipe like the Tub Shroom. Another fallback is that you need to replace it every 2-4 months making is quite expensive in the long run. The reason of this is that the hair will get tangled within the chain making it a hassle to pull the hair out, to reuse the Evriholder. Another issue is that smaller particulates and dirt will tend to not adhere to chain used in the Evriholder.

Luckily, each pack contains about 4 Evriholders, meaning that you can protect 1 drain per year with a purchase of the Evriholder.

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gotega drain protector tub shroom review


Cost: $10.99

– Flexible rubber that is extremely durable.
– Catches hair thanks to its design
– Fits drain sizes up to 5.12 x 5.12 inches

On first inspection I really like the rugged and very useful design of this drain protector. It will indeed catch hair almost every time, however the fall back is that hair caught is only captured superficially, meaning that you will have to manually pull out the hairs out of the nooks and crannies of the of the Gotega drain protector almost daily with every use. Failure to do so will lead to a build up hair around the protector and leads to an unsightly build up hair.

The Tub Shroom holds hair within the base of the shroom, meaning that the hair is not exposed and can be cleaned up on a less regular basis.

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tub shroom review catch hair every time

Hair Is Caught In Tub Shroom Base


In conclusion the Tub Shroom works and is indeed revolutionary in its design. In fact, I believe that everyone should have a Tub Shroom to prevent costly plumbing damages. Overtime the hair and debris in your tub will emulsify within the pipe, leading to a gross and costly plumbing bill.

Compared to other ‘drain protectors’ online, Tub Shrooms takes the cake as the most useful and the best of the bunch. I think the primary reason why I am saying Tub Shroom takes the cake is that the hair collects in the base of the tub shroom. This has a bunch of implications, including hair being out of sight to the user & hair will get trapped in the base and will not go down the septic pipe. For these two reasons alone Tub shrooms is the best tool for protecting your drain.

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