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Tornado Bottle As Seen On TV

The Tornado Bottle as seen on TV is the ultimate protein mixer. Never again will you have to deal with sore arms from shaking a shaker bottle to try and get your powder to dissolve. The Tornado Bottle is a self-mixing bottle that produces perfectly mixed drinks every time. It uses a cyclonic agitator to create a tornado on the inside of the bottle that will allow the powder to easily dissolve into the liquid.

Tornado Bottle As Seen On TV Features

The Tornado Bottle has many useful features. If you’re clumsy don’t worry. It comes with a rubber base that provides stability as it grips the surface it’s on. In case that is not enough, the self-sealing lid will stop the bottle from spilling if it does end up falling over.

You can even take the Tornado Bottle on the go with you. With the self-sealing lid, you can just toss it into your bag with confidence that it will not leak.

Another great feature is that the Tornado Bottle does not require batteries. Just charge the bottle and you will be good to go.

By far the best feature of the Tornado Bottle is that it’s self-cleaning. As a person that despises doing the dishes, the Tornado Bottle is a lifesaver. Simply add water and dish soap into the bottle and turn it on. Let it run for a couple seconds and you’ll be left with a spotless bottle again.

For those of you who want a bottle to match your look, the Tornado Bottle comes in four different colours: red, blue, green and black. It has something for everyone!

Tornado Bottle As Seen On TV vs. Traditional Blender

A traditional blender works great for mixing drinks also. However, the Tornado Bottle is a much cheaper alternative that works just as well. If you don’t make smoothies or any other drinks that require heavy-duty equipment like the blender, I would recommend the Tornado Bottle. It’s small, portable and affordable. Unlike the blender, the Tornado Bottle is quiet. This is especially great if you live with other people and want to mix up a drink in the mornings. The other people in your household will sure thank you for getting a Tornado Bottle.


What can be mixed by the Tornado Bottle? The real question is what can’t be mixed. The Tornado Bottle can mix anything from baby formula to cocktails. It can even mix sauces and gravies. Whatever powder drink you have, you can mix in the Tornado Bottle.

Tornado Bottle – As Seen On TV : Price

The Tornado Bottle is extremely affordable at only $29.99. If $29.99 is too expensive, there are often sales. Currently the Tornado Bottle is only $25.99 on Home Spirit. That price is a steal!

Quick Tip

Do you ever experience your drinks settling? Usually you just deal with it and drink the powdery and lumpy mess. However, with the Tornado Bottle, just press a button and mix it again! You will never have to drink a lumpy drink again. It’s that easy.

Final Thoughts On Tornado Bottle As Seen On TV

The Tornado Bottle is an amazing innovation that will change how you mix drinks for the rest of your life. It’s quick and simple, allowing you to mix as many drinks as you want with no mess. What’s not to love. Purchase your very own Tornado Bottle at Home Spirit!

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