The Best Shower Drain Hair Catcher In 2019 tub shroom

The Best Shower Drain Hair Catcher In 2019

There are many shower drain hair catchers on the market. This article will detail the best shower drain hair catcher on the market in 2019.

Did you know that hair is the #1 enemy of drains across the world? The most frustrating thing that we will all eventually face is a clogged drain as a result of hair build-up within the walls of your bathtub drain. A build-up hair within the pipe leads to slow water drainage and blockages that lead to a backflow of water. Blockages can be dangerous if there is a backflow of dirty water from your septic system.

There are two ways to fix this problem. You can either call the plumber when things get out of hand, and another method is to prevent this issue from surfacing in the first place.

Calling a plumber for cleaning a clogged drain can lead to a bill between $134-$299. Costs can quickly skyrocket when you must use more invasive techniques like snaking your drain or fixing the structural integrity of your drainpipes.

Prevention is better than a cure. You need a shower drain catcher to prevent blockages and costly fixes associated with drainage issues. Save money, protect the environment, and more by using these cost-efficient tools.

Read below for the best shower drain hair catchers of 2019.

The Best Shower Drain Hair Catcher

Need to find the best bathtub drain hair catchers? Click a product to scroll to the review for the product.

Tub Shroom – The Revolutionary Drain Protector & Hair Catcher
Lekeye – Shower Drain Hair Catcher
OXO – Drain Protector for Pop-Up & Regular Drains
Gotega – Hair Catcher

tub shroom best Shower Drain Hair Catcher In 2019

Tub Shroom – Revolutionary Drain Protector & Shower Drain Hair Catcher

There is no doubt that the Tub Shroom is the ultimate drain protector and hair catcher for the shower. The Tub Shroom is highly rated on amazon and renowned around the world for its design and functionality. It has won multiple awards and featured in the press quite a few times. The Tub Shroom works. Read the the Tub Shroom Review here.

The Tub Shroom got its iconic name because of its mushroom-like shape. Tub Shroom promises to catch any hair (straight, curly, thick, thin) and even pet hair without affecting the flow of water in your drains. Tub Shroom will work universally on any standard drain hole ranging from 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches. Below is a quick Tub Shroom Review on its pros and cons.


Installing this product takes no time at all and only takes a few seconds to set up. Do the following to set up a tub shroom. Insert the Tub Shroom into the tub drain; for tub drains with covers, you will need to unscrew it and place the Tub Shroom inside. Setting up the Tub Shroom is easy!

Tub Shroom will capture hair every time. All you need to do is insert the Tub Shroom in your bathtub and wait. Wait up to 1 week and see how much hair has accumulated within that time. To remove the Tub Shroom, pull it out, and observe how much hair it has collected.

The hair that would end up in your drains will collect within the base of the Tub Shroom, making cleaning a breeze. Remove the Tub Shroom and ensure you have a paper towel around to soak any dampness. Remove the hair using paper towels until it is hair-free. After this, you can insert the Tub Shroom back into the drain to passively collect more hair.

Buy Tub Shroom – The Best Shower Drain Hair Catcher In 2019

Tub Shroom works on all types of hair, including short, long, curly, straight, thick, etc. It will even collect pet hair, making it the number one choice for best shower drain hair catcher. It doesn’t just stop at catching hair, as it will also trap debris, jewelry, and anything you can throw down the drain.

The Tub Shroom is constructed using super resistant and super soft silicone. Stubbing toes and hurting yourself in the tub will not be an issue. The silicone as far as the review goes is durable, meaning that the Tub Shroom will last you for a very long time. The silicone also seems to wick water off of it, so it doesn’t get too slimy when touching it.

The Tub Shroom is super affordable for the value that it provides. Get a single Tub Shroom for $12.99. The Tub Shroom is significantly cheaper than the cost of calling a plumber. It will cost you 90% less than calling a plumber on the LOW-END and will last you a very long time too.


It will not fit drains that have a popup drain with posts within its central structure.
It is pricier, albeit not that much compared to other knock offs on the market.

lekeye best Shower Drain Hair Catcher In 2019

Lekeye – Shower Drain Hair Catcher

The Lekeye is made to be simple and easy to use. Just put the Lekeye Shower Drain Hair Catcher on top of your drain, that’s all it takes! The Lekeye fits a standard drainpipe of 4.75×4.75x.04 inches, so you will need to make sure that this hair catcher will fit your drain. It is designed to be oversized so that it can fit most standard drainpipe openings.

The body of the Lekeye is constructed using rust-proof stainless steel. You never have to fear the Lekeye rusting or corroding over time. The outside rim of the Lekeye features a silicone edge to prevent it from moving it around in the tub, thus stopping hair from slipping underneath the device.


This shower drain hair catcher does its job quite well. The inclusion of a silicone outer rim provides a secure seal, meaning that hair and debris won’t slip through.

The Lekeye constructed using hardened stainless steel that will last for quite some time without corrosion and rust. You can even use it in sinks and drains outside of the tub.

The drain features elliptical holes, which does a great job of capturing hair before it goes into your drainpipe.

The Lekeye is a simple device to install. To install the Lekeye, place it over your drainpipe.


Many have noticed that the Lekeye moves around, so the silicone outer rim is not as secure as advertised. To rectify this, add some bolts to the device to add more weight for extra traction.

Caught hair ends up exposed and visible on the top side of Lekeye. Visible hair is a deal-breaker for most as it is unsightly, especially if you have guests over.

oxo best Shower Drain Hair Catcher In 2019

OXO – Drain Protector for Pop-up & Regular Drains

The OXO Drain Protector is designed to fit all drain varieties, including popup and flat styles. The OXO hair catcher fits drains up to 4.5” width, 2” tall, meaning that it will fit most standard and oversized drains perfectly.

The edges of the OXO is designed to sit flush in the bathtub. The flat edge design will stop debris and dirt from entering through the opening near the base.

The OXO is constructed using both silicone and stainless steel accents. The body, for the most part, is made from silicone. The weighted stainless steel accent on the outer rim will keep the OXO sturdy and increase its traction to the drain hole.


The most apparent upside that this product has is that it fits both popup and flat style drains. This feature is very niche is not found on many shower hair catchers. People with popup drains have limited options, and the OXO seems like the most comfortable option.
The OXO is designed to capture hair and allows the water to flow uninterrupted.
The stainless steel accent on the top of the dome adds weight. This added weight helps keep the OXO secure and increases the traction to the drain hole.
The OXOs body has a sturdy silicone body that will last for a long time.
Due to its large body and tall form design, it can hold a lot more hair than the usual shower hair catchers typically found on the market. Its functional design means that cleaning is less frequent.


One of the main drawbacks with typically drain protectors is that it doesn’t hide the hair on the outside rim of the OXO. Exposed hair is unsightly. The Tub Shroom, for example, encloses the hair within the body of the device.
Amazon customers are complaining that it was hit or miss with capturing hair.
The dome shape is also not sleek and low-profile, like other drain protectors. It was done intentionally to house the popup drain but still ends up being a hindrance at least stylistically.


Tub Shroom – The Best Shower Drain Hair Catcher
The Tub Shroom is the best in the business as it has a few features that are lacking from its competitors. The best feature about the Tub Shroom is that it is the best at catching hair compared to its competitors. It also keeps the hair in the base of the shroom, so it makes the shroom more esthetically pleasing to look at and comes in a variety of color variants.
Lekeye – The Most Straight Forward & Easy To Install
Th Lekeye takes the cake for the easiest and straightforward of the bunch. It lacks some key features like an ability to trap the hair internally; it can not fit on top of popup drains and tends to move around in the tub.
OXO – The Most Versatile
OXO is the most versatile of the bunch, as it will fit both popup drains and flat drains.

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