slap chop review vs 10 second chopper

Slap Chop Review vs 10 Second Chopper

We have all seen the infamous infomercial for the Slap Chop, but does it work? And how does it stack up to its competitor the 10 Second Chopper? In this Slap Chop Review, I will hopefully shed some light on the Slap Chop & 10 Second Chopper and help you make a more informed decision before buying one or the other.

Slap Chop Review /Overview

The Slap chop makes meal prep quick and easy by chopping fruits, vegetables within seconds. Just slap the handle and you can chop and dice your produce as fine as you need it too. The plunger handle rotates on each push of the handle to ensure effective slicing and dicing every time. Keep reading and this Slap Chop Review will tell you in more detail on what this amazing device can do.

Slap Chop Review : Easy to Use

The rotating stainless-steel blades make chopping any foods simple and easy.

Slap Chop Review : Dishwasher Safe

Features an easy to remove base and container that opens to provide easy access to the blades inside the Slap Chop. You never have to worry about cleaning the Slap Chop because it’s just that easy. Just throw it in the dishwasher and your cleaning is done for the day.
slap chop review easy to clean

Slap Chop Review : Versatile

Can be used to chop a variety of foods including potatoes, nuts, fruits, eggs, tuna and almost any other foods. It can also chop your foods as fine as you want. The more you chop, the finer it gets. There’s no need to switch blades. The Slap Chop gives you control over the food you chop.

Slap Chop Review : Just 3 Steps

1. Place your favourite foods under the Slap Chop
2. Slap the handle to chop
3. Slap even more until you get your desired size of food

slap chop review 3 simple steps

Slap Chop Review : Price

Now, it wouldn’t be a slap chop review if I didn’t mention the price. The slap chop is only $19.95. This is a great price, but if it seems steep, don’t worry. The Slap Chop is BOGO – Buy One Get One FREE.


10 Second Chopper Overview:


Quick and straightforward

It’s very easy and fun to use even your youngsters are begging to assist round the room. simply spin the handle and your meal are prepped and prepared. The special standard style and quick spin technology provides you the power you would like to cut, spin and blend your food, all without electricity!

All in One

The 10 Second Chopper comes with everything you need to prepare a whole meal. Chop, mix, and spin your meal into perfection with the 10 Second Chopper! The interchangeable accessories easily swap out for convenience and allows meal prep to be faster than ever before. The 10 Second Chopper comes with a non-slip bottom, providing safety and peace of mind for when the kids in your life inevitably want to help out and use the 10 Second Chopper. It’s great for the whole family.

slap chop review 10 second chopper all in one

Promotes Healthy Eating

The 10 Second Chopper features a convenient egg separator for an easy and mess-free way to separate your eggs. This easy access egg separator allows you and your family to enjoy healthy egg white omelettes at any time of the day.


So many features come with the 10 Second Chopper! The 10 Second Chopper is a great 4-in-one device. It has a chopper, a salad spinner, a mixer and an egg separator.

slap chop review 10 second chopper is versatile


The 10 Second Chopper is only $13.99! What a great deal for everything that comes with it.

Final Thoughts

Both products are great devices to make your life in the kitchen easier, however, the 10 Second Chopper offers 4 different uses for one low price. Even with the BOGO deal of the Slap Chop, the 10 Second Chopper is a better deal and more versatile.

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