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Pyramid Pan Review

The Pyramid Pan is a silicone mat insert that will let you cook healthy and delicious food evenly and with no effort at all. There are about 500 pyramids on the pan that allow for hot air to circulate the food leaving behind a meal that is crispy and evenly cooked. This review will go more in depth and tell you all about the different uses of the Pyramid Pan.

pyramid pan review evenly cooks bakes chicken

Pyramid Pan Review: Great for Healthy Eating

Have you ever tried to cook bacon in the oven? Well then you know that the meat just ends up soaked in its own grease and fat. Not only is it a disgusting sight to see and makes your bacon soggy, it is also incredibly unhealthy to be consuming all that grease and fat. A great solution to that is the Pyramid Pan.

The pyramids on the pan allow for the fat and the grease, all things you do not want to be putting in your body, to easily drip away from your food. Your food will sit above the fat, not in it. This way you will consume less fat and overall have a healthier meal for you and whoever that you might be cooking for. Since your food sits above the pan, the fat and grease can be easily drained after the cooking process. With the Pyramid Pan you still get that deep-fried taste, just without all the added fat and grease that usually comes with it.

pyramid pan review fat drips away

Pyramid Pan Review: Features

The Pyramid Pan has many different features to make your life easier. You will never have to worry about your food getting ruined because it is stuck to the pan. The Pyramid Pan features non-stick silicone that fully eliminates that problem. The food-grade silicone on the Pyramid Pan is non-stick up to 428°F (220°C)!

This product is also dishwasher safe. If you hate doing the dishes, then this product is the product for you. Not only does it make cooking easier, it also makes clean up easier. Simply throw your Pyramid Pan into you dishwasher and watch as it becomes clean again without any work!

Another great feature is that it is microwave safe! Just place your food on top and put it into your microwave. Your food will come out perfect.

The pan is also soft and flexible, meaning it can be stored in the smallest of places. Simply roll it up and store it wherever you want.

If the pan is too big for you, or if you just want multiple. Just cut the pan down to be whatever size you desire. This way, it can fit into whatever pans you have on hand.

Pyramid Pan Review: Easy to Use

This product is one of the easiest things in the world to use. Just place it in your pan and that’s it. Not only is using the product easy, it even cuts your workload. With the Pyramid Pan you will not ever need to worry about flipping your food ever again. The pyramids allow for even heat distribution throughout the whole cooking process, resulting in even food every time, without the need to flip. Your food even cooks quicker because you don’t have to worry about the bottom of your food not cooking. Every side of your food cooks at the same rate as the heat circulates underneath as well as on top of your food.

pyramid pan review microwave safe dishwasher safe non stick

Environmentally Friendly

You won’t ever need to waste aluminum foil every time you want to bake something again. The Pyramid Pan is reusable. No more single use foil that will just end up filling up landfills. Switch over to the Pyramid Pan today.


Now, you must be wondering what the price is on this amazing innovation. The Pyramid Pan is only $16.99! What a great deal. This product does everything I mentioned and more, all for under $20!

Conclusion Of The Pyramid Pan Review

The Pyramid Pan is truly a great product that would be amazing for anyone that cooks. Great food has never been so easy.

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