Molly's Marvelous

Molly's Marvelous Swedish Cloth

Change your kitchen cleaning game with these fun Swedish dishcloths. They are lightweight, ultra absorbent, lint-free, streak-free, fast drying, compost-friendly, dishwasher safe and machine washable. Meant to replace your paper towels, these are perfect for any kind of clean up

  • Wet or Dry! - Absorbs like a Sponge, but cleans like a cloth
  • Lint Free - We've all been there where you cleaned something with a towel and a couple of lint get scattered here and there, causing you to lose more time and more effort on cleaning. Worry not Holly's Swedish Cloth will erase all those bad memories
  • Machine Washable - Reusable, simply throw in your washer! Air dry only and do not use fabric softener. To prolong it's life, please use warm water to rinse after each clean task.
  • Quick Drying - We made sure to develop the best product possible, and we've always thought of the quick dry feature to be one of them, imagine being able to use it after a couple of minutes unlike traditional cloths that take hours to dry up and after it's all dried, it'll stink and you'll have to buy a new one in the end. That is not the case with Molly's Swedish Cloth!
  • Multi-Purpose - Can be used for washing dishes, wiping countertops, wiping appliances, cleaning bathrooms and washing or drying cars!

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