Hard Water Wand

Hard Water Wand Pumice Stone

Like a magic wand for tough bathroom stains, this Hard Water Wand makes your toilet, sink, bathtub, and tile sparkle. Imported volcanic pumice knocks out stains from hard water, calcium, lime and rust, yet doesn't scratch porcelain. Extended reach handle make it easy to scrub under toilet rims, shower corners and other difficult-to-reach spots. 13 1/2" long.

  • REMOVE STAINS YOU COULD NEVER TOUCH BEFORE: Scratch-free volcanic pumice wand removes tough stains while protecting your toilet from damage.
  • ALL NATURAL AND CHEMICAL FREE: Cleaning pad made from natural volcanic pumice.
  • KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN AND SANITARY: Extended reach handle measures 13.5" long, so you can keep your hands out of the bowl as you clean.
  • NOT JUST FOR TOILETS: Get rust stains out of tough-to-reach shower corners, tiles, and sinks with it as well.
  • REMOVES A VARIETY OF STAINS: Get out markings from hard water, calcium, lime, and rust for a brand-new looking bathroom.
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