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Clean Stream Shower Filter

The Clean Stream Shower Filter is a 5-stage advanced shower filter system designed to help filter your shower water at any temperature, hot or cold. The chlorine may impact our skin, hair, nails and our bodies' natural moisturizing oils and which can influence issues like dryness, scaling, flaking and even patchiness, causing itching and irritation! Introducing the Clean Stream Shower Filter that helps your skin, hair, and nails by working to reduce chlorine and maintain your soft hair and smooth skin. Why spend hundreds of dollars on expensive creams, moisturizers, and shampoos only to possibly wash away their benefits in unfiltered water? Clean Stream is designed to help reduce these problems quickly and easily. We all want to have healthy hair and smooth skin, so take action now with Clean Stream!

Clean Stream Features:5- STAGE ADVANCED WATER FILTER-The Clean Stream's 5-stage advanced water filter system encloses a cartridge with membranes which filter the water in multiple stages.
Mesh lining:Helps remove the large particles and debris.
Polypropylene cotton:Helps to remove turbidites, sediments, rust, and microorganisms.
Ceramic balls:Effective at the absorption of impurities and harmful heavy metals.
KDF 55:Removes chlorine, harmful chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, and algae.
Calcium sulfite:Very efficiently removes chlorine and other harmful heavy metals.

CHROME FINISH:The Clean Stream Shower Filter comes in a chrome finish to match many bathroom fixtures.

  • 5- STAGE SHOWER FILTER: The Clean Stream Shower Filter encloses a 5-stage shower water filter cartridge that incorporates mesh lining, polypropylene cotton, ceramic balls, KDF 55, and calcium sulfite which eliminates active carbons and reduces chlorine content in water at any temperature so you get a clean, good and healthy shower.
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN: The Clean Stream Shower Filter is universal in design and compatible to fit with all standard showers including the rain style showerhead, a handheld showerhead, wall mounted showerhead, and a single spray showerhead giving you multi-use options.
  • PURIFIES WATER: The Clean Stream Shower Filter with its 5-stage filtration system purifies water by removing chlorine and other harmful chemicals, sediments, heavy metals, large particles, odor, bacteria and stops the growth of algae and fungi in the shower surface. The Clean Stream Shower Filter gives you a pure and rejuvenating shower experience.
  • EASY CLEANING AND INSTALLATION: The Clean Stream Shower Filter can be installed easily. No special installation required because of the universal design compatible with most home shower systems.
  • Amazon's Customer Service lets you buy with confidence. Amazon warranties that the product shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and conditions, for a year from the original purchase date.

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