Item Name: Molly’s Marvelous Cloth Grey – 2pk

Brand Name: Molly’s Marvelous
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Description: Molly’s Marvelous Cloth Grey is the streak-free polishing cloth without the need for harsh chemicals! Just use water! Works on any surface; windows, mirrors, countertops, stainless steel, ceramics, wood surfaces and more. Available in mass retailers in the USA/CANADA and online.
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molly's marvelous cloth grey 2pk

Molly’s Marvelous Script

We all remember how clean Grandma’s house was but cleaning can be hard work! Those paper towels are messy and expensive. Old fashioned microfiber rags are smelly and leave streaks! And nobody likes to use those harsh chemical cleaners.

Now there’s a better way – Introducing Molly’s Marvelous – The amazing 3 in 1 cloth that cleans, polishes, and shines, scratch free, spot free, lint free and streak free, every time!

Just wet it, wring it, wipe it, and walk away. No more chemicals, no more soggy towels and no more smelly rags. Just a mirror shine every time. Best of all Molly’s Marvelous Cloth works on any surface – windows, mirrors, counter tops, stainless steel, ceramics, and even painted wood surfaces.

The secret is Molly’s uniquely blended fiber weave engineered for optimal softness, durability, and absorption. It traps and absorbs dirt yet its lint free, super fine weave will not scratch even the finest surface. Its thin texture makes it quick dry to prevent water spots and streaking yet it’s durable enough for any cleaning job.

Molly’s will work miracles around your home! In the kitchen, it’s strong enough to clean the messiest stove top or counters yet gentle enough to polish fine jewelry and cutlery.

You’ll save money too because unlike other cloths and paper towels, Molly’s is machine washable or just rinse and let dry and use again and again. Stop wasting money and kiss your glass cleaner, chemicals, old rags and paper towels goodbye. Now with a little water your Molly’s Marvelous Grey Cloth will clean, polish & leave a spot free, scratch free, lint free, streak free shine every time!

Order your Molly’s Marvelous Grey Cloth today. It will last for years and will quite simply be the best cleaning and polishing cloth you ever own!

Molly’s Marvelous Cloth made in a tradition of quality and trust.

Get Molly’s Marvelous Cloth at mass retailers (Walmart, CVS, Staples etc) in the USA & Canada or order online on Amazon or on our official website.
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