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Molly’s Marvelous Cloth Is The Ultimate Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Molly’s Marvelous Cloth is the best microfiber cloth for cleaning all types of surfaces. After digging through the internet, I have come to conclusion microfiber cloths have some marvelous cleaning qualities, as such, they have been an indispensable tool within my cleaning kit.

There is a distinction to be made when discussing microfiber cloths. Most people are familiar with the ultra-thin microfiber cloth used to clean glasses and screens, while useful these versions are relegated to very niche uses. When discussing microfiber cloths in this blog I am referring to the more robust, towel-like microfiber cloths, like the one found in Molly’s Marvelous Cloth.

5 Benefits Of Cleaning Using Molly’s Marvelous Microfiber Cloth

mollys marvelous cloth just add water microfiber cloth for cleaning

1. No Chemicals Need! Just Add Water To The Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Often when we are cleaning, we rely on a cocktail of hazardous chemicals to get rid of stubborn streaks & stains around the house. While chemicals are great for their intended use (cleaning), they often pose a risk for yourself and family members. The problem with chemicals is that they tend to linger around the house and harms our more fragile family members, including: the elderly, children, babies & pets.
With Molly’s Marvelous Microfiber cloth all we need is water. Following the directions on the packaging all you need to do is add water, wring the cloth and your good clean just about anything!

mollys marvelous cloth saves money

2. Save Money Using The Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Using microfiber cloths means that you will save money in the long-term. This reason for this is that microfiber cloths are extremely robust and can last the wear and tear of daily use. The fact that it can be reused makes it economically and environmentally friendly.
In addition to its re-usability, it doesn’t require chemicals for cleaning, meaning that you’ll end up saving money and the planet over time.

mollys marvelous cloth is super absorbent microfiber cloth for cleaning

3. Molly’s Marvelous Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is Super Absorbent

Microfiber cloths have super-fine fibers within its structure. All the individual crevices afforded by these fine fibers allow it to trap water up to six times its weight in water alone. It’s utility comes is not just relegated to trapping water, it can pickup just about anything including debris, dust, grease and bacteria.
It’s important to keep in mind that microfiber cloths come in different quality types. Cheaper variations tend to unravel overtime and will not be as absorbent. Molly’s Marvelous Cloth is made using premium quality microfibers meaning that it will last longer and be more effective than the ultra-thin variety that you will find on the market. It’s a bit pricier than your typical microfiber cloth but you will find that over time you will save time and money using high-quality microfiber cloths.

mollys marvelous cloth is the best microfiber cloth for cleaning

4. Unbeatable Results Using Molly’s Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Molly’s Marvelous Cloth will give you a Streak-Free, Lint-Free and Spot-Free clean every time. The quality of the fine microfibers ensure that you get a perfect shine every time!

mollys marvelous cloth is versatile microfiber cloth for cleaning

5. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are Versatile

Most people will assume that the only use case for microfiber cloths is for light cleaning jobs. On the contrary, microfiber cloths that a variety of uses. Here are 10 ways to use them!

10 Things That You Can Clean Using Molly’s Marvelous Microfiber Cloth

mollys cloth for cleaning shower doors

Cleaning Shower Doors Using Molly’s Marvelous Microfiber Cleaning Cloth:

Tired of hard water deposits on your glass shower doors? Molly’s Marvelous Cloth can easily get rid of these deposits and leave your glass door shining like its brand new. Just wet, wring it and wipe.

mollys marvelous cloth for cleaning stainless steel

Cleaning Stainless Steel Using Molly’s Marvelous Cloth:

Stainless steel looks amazing when it polished nicely. Unfortunately, stainless steel also shows smudges and dirt quite easily. Luckily with Molly’s Marvelous Cloth you can remove these stains in minutes. Just wet the cloth and rub out the grease, dirt and smudges. After rubbing your stainless steel with a wet cloth, follow up with a dry cloth for a streak-free, spot-free & lint-free shine.

mollys marvelous cloth for cleaning electronics screens

Cleaning Electronics & Screens Using Molly’s Marvelous Microfiber Cleaning Cloth:

Screens seem to be magnets for smudges and grease. Luckily with Molly’s Marvelous Cloth these grease traps can be alleviated quite quickly even with a dry Molly’s Cloth.

mollys marvelous cloth for cleaning countertops granite marble

Cleaning Granite & Marble Counters Using Molly’s Marvelous Cloth:

Molly’s Marvelous Cloth is great for keeping your granite and marble countertops in great shape. Use a wet cloth to wipe down to surface to wipe away any dust or grease.

mollys marvelous cloth for mirrors

Cleaning Mirrors Using Molly’s Marvelous Microfiber Cleaning Cloth:

Mirrors are one of the easiest things in the household to soiled by smudges. Keep your mirrors spotless with Molly’s Marvelous Cloth. Simply wet the cloth and rub down the surface. Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe down dry.

mollys marvelous cloth for showers tubs

Cleaning Showers & Tubs Using Molly’s Marvelous Microfiber Cleaning Cloth:

Forget about using harsh chemicals to clean your showers and tubs. Keep your tubs and showers looking like brand-new using Molly’s Marvelous Cloth. As usual just wet, wring and wipe! It’s just that simple.

mollys marvelous cloth for dusting

Cleaning & Dusting Using Molly’s Marvelous Microfiber Cleaning Cloth:

For simple jobs like dusting and quick cleaning nothing beats Molly’s Marvelous. Grab dirt and dust like never as the fine microfibers will attract these debris like a magnet. Use it wet for tough sticky messes and use it dry to quickly get dust.

mollys marvelous cloth for glassware

Cleaning Glass Using Molly’s Marvelous Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Molly’s Marvelous Cloth is gentle enough to be used on glassware. It can be used dry and wet for a spot-free shine every time!

Cleaning & Car Detailing Using Molly’s Marvelous Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Molly’s Marvelous Cloth is perfect for doing detailing instead the car. In fact, Molly’s has been featured on TV with a focus on cleaning & detailing cars using this microfiber cloth.

mollys marvelous cloth for cleaning stovetops

Cleaning Stove Tops Using Molly’s Marvelous Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The last thing you want to do is clean your stove top using harsh chemicals that can potentially mix in with the food that your cooking. Stop cross contamination by cleaning chemical-free using Molly’s Marvelous Cloth.

Cleaning Molly’s Marvelous Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths are most effective when they are clean themselves. Luckily, it’s super easy to clean Molly’s Marvelous Cloth. Follow the steps below:

1. Make sure to rinse your cloth between uses. This will make sure that the residue that Molly’s Marvelous Cloth contains gets scrubbed out.

2. If your cloth is heavily soiled, you can even throw it in the washer. Just use warm or hot water with mild detergents. Don’t use bleach or harsh cleaners! If possible, air dry for best results.

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