Food wastage statistics

Food Wastage Statistics

One of the biggest problems facing mankind is that food wastage. According to Food Wastage Statistics we can solve this problem can be solved by being conscious of what we buy and also by using products like FRESH PAPER.

Food Wastage Statistics 1: An Ongoing Endeavor

Did you know that 33%-50% of all food produced globally is never eaten? The value of this amount is about $1 trillion dollars. This amounts to 1.3% of the total GDP of the United States. This is a giant inefficiency that is not seen in any other industry around the world.

Food Wastage Statistics 2: Morally Wrong

800 million people around the world go to bed hungry every night. That amounts to 1 in 9 people around the world. All 800 million can be fed if we fed them less than a quarter of the food that is wasted in the UK, USA and Europe each year.
Hunger is not something that only developing countries are facing, rather in the UK there are over 1 million people that need food and over 40 million Americans live in food poverty.

Food Wastage Statistics 3: Environmentally Wrong

If food wastage was a country it would be the 3rd biggest emitter of greenhouse gases behind USA & China. It would have a land mass that is larger than China and accounts for 25% of fresh water consumed worldwide.

The Culprits:

The shocking reality is that 50% of food wastage takes place in our home. Only 2% of wastage takes place in retail stores. We must take personal responsibility to ensure that we protect our planet and save our environment.

Summarizing Facts About Food Wastage

1. A third of all food produced around the world goes to waste. We can use Fresh Paper to improve the longevity of produce and dramatically improve the shortage of food around the world. [ref]
2. The nominal value of the food we waste globally is $1 trillion. This equates to around 5% of the united states debt. [ref]
3. We can properly feed all the hungry people around the world if we saved about 25% of the food wasted in the US, UK & Europe. [ref]
4. A area larger than China is used to grow food that is never eaten. [ref]
5. A quarter of world’s supply of fresh water is used to supply grown food that is never eaten. [ref]
6. Food waste turns out to be the 3rd largest emitter of greenhouse gases after China & the USA. [ref]
7. In first world countries over half of food waste takes place in residential homes. [ref]
8. Food Wastage in retail department stores accounts for only 2% of total food wastage around the world. [ref]
9. The average food wastage that a family produces per year amounts to $2,275 and collectively accounts to $18.5 Billion per year. [ref]
10. By 2050 we will increase our population by 2.3 billion. This means we need to ramp up the productivity of food production by 60-70%. If we can reduce food wastage, we can help the economy and the environment. [ref]

How Fresh Paper Can Save The Planet & Save You Money

Fresh Paper is designed to keep your fruits & veggies fresh for up to 2-4 times longer. Simply drop the sheet on top of any produce in the house or fridge and let the Fresh Paper go to work! Best of all the Fresh Paper is made organically from spices, rather than plastic.

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