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Proper Portions Containers

  • TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR DIET- these organized portion cups are sized for daily calorie intake, they help you to track each meal and snacks, and to give you a clear map of daily nutrition intake. No more weighing food simply pack and go. It helps you to lose weight, stay fit without losing your strength

  • EASY TO USE- 6 color codes to follow, blue for good fats, yellow for carbs, red for protein, purple for fruits, green for veggies, orange for seeds and dressing. Each color has a corresponding portion limit. 7 healthy components of a balanced diet so that every part of your body gets what it needs to function properly in the right quantity and gives you an optimal health.

  • REUSABLE MICROWAVABLE- convenient and safe for fridge, freezer, microwave and dishwasher. They can be also used to store food and is a great option for snacks too.

  • TWO SETS INCLUDED- your smart choice of weight loss equipment for men and women, family and friends. BPA free, total 14 containers, instructions and food guide included to help you calculate your body’s calorie requirement with the different combinations of food source, and gives you the best understanding of choosing and implementing a balanced diet

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