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Flat Mop and Bucket with Wringer Set

  • Exceptional Squeeze Drying-Excess water is squeezed out through a dam-shaped squeezer. Have full control over the level of moisture of your mop -- the more you wring, the dryer the mop!
  • FLAT MOP STATION- the innovative powerful, touchless cleaning system. From party thrills to toddler spills, Flat Mop is suitable for all kinds of floor surfaces. From hardwood to tile– wet or dry. For streak free cleaning with a shine– every time.
  • SIMPLY SLIDE AND PUMP the Flat Mop on the wet side of the filter chamber. With just a few slides, Flat Mop is clean. Move Flat Mop to the dry side of the chamber to remove excess water. The easy grip handle is adjustable and lightweight. The 360 swivel action design lets you glide and slide under furniture with ease. Right up to the baseboard and corners like a breeze. Up high and above crown molding- a must for dust! The low profile mop head gets into hard to reach areas
  • EASY TO STACK FOR STORAGE- Flat Mop is designed to tuck away in the tiniest corner until you need to clean again! Don’t throw cash in the trash using disposable mop covers– The pads are machine washable and reusable again and again. Less trash and better for the environment. Draining the bucket is as simple as pulling the plug! Dirty water down the drain not on your hands. The detachable cover makes it easy to clean.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT- Ultra-fine weave structure of the mop pad maximizes water retention. It can be used wet or dry!

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