20 Cleaning Tips For Cleaning Freaks

Here are 20 cleaning tips for cleaning your home! Cleaning your home will be a breeze with these 20 tips.
20 Cleaning Tips For Cleaning Freaks

20 Cleaning Tips For Cleaning Freaks

Make your stove top look like new using this insanely easy cleaning trick! All you need is baking soda and microfiber cloths. It’s really that simple.

20 Cleaning Tips For Cleaning Freaks stove top
Clean grease off wooden cabinets by mixing vinegar, olive oil and water.

cleaning grease off a cabinet
Common kitchen ingredients can be powerful tools for cleaning. Baking soda and vinegar can do so much around the house with so little effort. Is your grout cleaner not working? Try using a toilet cleaner instead! Just apply it over the grout lines, let it sit for a few minutes and scrub it off. You will be amazed with the results.

20 cleaning tips
Remove the crumbs & junk in the bottom of your toaster with cream of tartar, a little bit of water and a microfiber cloth.

20 cleaning tips
Keep your garbage disposal clean & smell fresh with this simple trick! Just freeze some sliced citrus fruits, add some vinegar and freeze it! Put these cubes in your sink and let it naturally clean your sink.

20 cleaning tips drain cleaner
Use club soda, white vinegar and some dishwasher detergent to get water spots and stains out your car seats. Use a microfiber cloth to attract dust like a magnet around the car.

cleaning the car with microfiber cloths
Have a foggy, smudgy bathroom widow? Use microfiber cloths and water to clean glass shower doors. It’s really that simple!

20 cleaning tips microfiber cloth

Did you know that you can toss your stinky vacuum filter in the dishwasher! – Just don’t add your dishes while doing this!

20 cleaning tips vacuum filter

Use tongs & microfiber cloths to quickly clean your blinds. This hack is amazing!

20 cleaning tips blinds tongs  microfiber cloth

Use silicone sponges for a sponge that is anti-bacterial and mildew free. Otherwise you can just zap them in the microwave for 2 minutes to kill 99% of germs.

20 cleaning tips silicone sponge anti bacterial

Clean the gunk out the your window tracks with an old toothbrush, baking soda, vinegar and a butter knife. Finish off your job with a microfiber cleaning cloth for a spotless shine.

20 cleaning tips windows

Clean your top-loading washing machine using vinegar and bleach. You only need to do this a couple times an year to get rid of that musky scent.

20 cleaning tips washing machine

If you have a front loading washer, soak a towel in bleach and warm water. Run the longest cycle you have in your washer to get rid of the mold smell. Remember to ventilate well when using strong bleach.

20 cleaning tips washing machine 2

Pour a some disinfectant into your toilet brush holder to keep it smelling nice and to eliminate germs.

20 cleaning tips power pumice toilet brush

Getting your glass top on your stove clean can seem impossible. Follow steps here. Finish your job with Molly’s Marvelous Cloth for a streak-free, lint-free, spot-free shine!

20 cleaning tips glass stove top

Keep your stainless steel shiny using microfiber cleaning cloths. Just add water!

20 cleaning tips stainless steel microfiber cloth

Even if your not a clean freak, I am sure you found these tips helpful for cleaning around your home. Give them a try and share with a friend if you found this useful.

20 cleaning tips

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