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Molly's Marvelous Cloth

Molly’s Marvelous Cloth is the only multipurpose cleaning cloth that you need. Just wet it, wipe and walk away. No chemicals need! Perfect for the house, cars, stainless steel, ceramics, wood surfaces and more!

Sani Stick

Keep your drain pipes clear and ODOR-FREE all year long. Concentrated cleaning and sanitation sticks you drop in the drain once a month to prevent clogs, odors and backups. Safe for use on all drains.

Cafe Cup

Stop wasting money everyday on single brew coffee cups. Cafe Cup is the reusable, universal cafe cup that you can fill with your own coffee of your choice. Reduce waste and save money with Cafe Cup.

Tub Shroom

Tub Shroom revolutionizes drain protection. Tub Shroom eliminates the need for harmful chemicals to clean out clogged drains and to make peoples’ lives easier along the way. Super quick and easy to us!

Sink Shroom

Unlike regular catchers placed over the drain, SinkShroom fits inside, neatly collecting every hair. The SinkShroom Patent-Pending Design was created to help make clogged drains a thing of the past.

Kitchen Sink Shroom

With stainless steel construction and a uniquely ergonomic design, the Kitchen SinkShroom will neatly catch food particles without stopping the flow of water.

Power Pumice

Like a magic wand for tough bathroom stains, the Power Pumice makes your toilet, sink, bathtub, and tile sparkle.

Serenity Spa Oil Diffuser

Keep the air fresh in the dorm, hotel, bathroom, desk, closet, office, or bedroom to breathe with ease, safety, and simplicity.

Tornado Bottle

A self-mixing water bottle that automatically mixes any drink to perfection. Press the mix button and your perfect drink is ready. 

Perfect Portions

Portion Control Made Easy. No more counting calories or giving up foods you love. With the Perfect Portions Control System, you can start losing weight fast. Color coded, microwave safe food containers for convenience.

Pyramid Pan

Pyramid Pan is a silicone cooking mat insert that allows you to cook delicious, healthy meals easily. It allows air to circulate under the food and fat to drip away, leaving your food crisp, juicy and evenly cooked.

10-Second Chopper

Easily prepare your faveorite foods. Ideal for Chopping fruits, vegetables, eggs, and meats as well as Spinning salads. Fast, fun, and easy to use, the chopper is the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Fresh Paper

FRESHPAPER sheets keep fruits & veggies fresh for up to 2-4x longer, naturally! Drop a sheet of award-winning FRESHPAPER anywhere you keep fruits & veggies. Made with organic ingredients not plastic!

Stop Shroom

The Stop Shroom Stopper Plug fits into any standard sized bathtub or bathroom sink drain for those times you want to take a bath or fill up the sink. For the perfect seal everytime, look no further than the Stop Shroom.

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